HONEY - Derivakat


I joke truth beeduo, I dont tw or tag anything, I hate Alliumduo and Benchtrio, I dont use tone indicators (I joke use them a lot), Tommyinnit gives me horrible RSD, I do a lot of cc neg, I pqrt kys tweets, I talk behind people's backs a lot I go off priv sometimes I get into a lot of drama.


Basic DNI criteria, You hate Beeduo, You are an Alliumduo main, Benchtwt or Alliumtwt, You're an Inniter, You like Technoblade, Eret, Schlatt, Minx Snifferish, Antfrost, Velvet, Philza, Cuptoast,Fundy, Hannah, etc. If you're gonna snitch, If you hate any of my friends, If you're gonna stalk, You ss any of my tweets You blocked any of my moots, You tell me I'm breaking cc boundaries Irdgaf